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Pest Control In Norfolk, VA

Part of the Chesapeake metropolitan area, Norfolk is known for its nationally renowned naval base and all the maritime commerce and activities that the Chesapeake Bay is known for. But coastal climates and heavily populated areas are magnets for pest activity. This is why Norfolk property owners need to learn how they can keep infestations from forming and quickly clamp down on pests that do move in. At Hawk Mosquito & Pest, we can help. Learn how below. 

Residential Pest Control In Norfolk

Keeping pests out of your home is about more than just reacting to problems once they are already there. Instead, you should take a proactive approach, checking for signs of pest activity often and regularly calling on professionals who can offer you preventative treatments. That’s because pest problems tend to compound. There are the nasty critters themselves, plus the property damage they may bring. In order to avoid this, you need to turn to residential pest control experts like Hawk Mosquito & Pest. 

Here’s how we help Norfolk homeowners:

  • Quarterly Service: We service your home every three months, accounting for seasonal pest problems and making sure that we are frequently checking for signs of an infestation forming. 
  • Inspections: Part of every service includes a thorough check of your property, inside and out. We’re not just looking for signs of pests themselves, but also the factors that might be attracting them. 
  • Treatments: Our treatments aren’t just for eliminating existing pest populations. We also shield you from future invasions, making sure you never have a problem again. 

Get started on complete residential pest control today by contacting the pros at Hawk Mosquito & Pest. 

Commercial Pest Control In Norfolk

Proper pest control is incredibly important for local businesses. Pest populations can lead to property damage, not to mention public health issues, so the long-term effects of an infestation are really worse than the immediate problem. Those health hazards not only pose risks to your employees and clients, but they also risk you being fined or closed by local officials. This is why proper commercial pest control is an important investment for business owners. 

Here is how Hawk Mosquito & Pest can keep invaders out:

  • Basic Pest Control: At the very least, you want this basic protection from the most common pest problems. 
  • Specialty Control: But some pests require a specific approach and a fast response. This kind of treatment protects against damaging termites and rodents, plus other kinds of pests that may pose larger threats. 
  • Cost Benefits: Again, the cost benefits of proper commercial pest control far outweigh the immediate expense. This is why partnering with pest professionals is a sound investment. 

Let Hawk Mosquito & Pest protect your Norfolk business from pests by contacting us today. 

A Step-By-Step Guide To Cockroach Control For Norfolk Property Owners

Cockroaches are some of the most prevalent invaders of homes and businesses. Not only do they contaminate food sources and populate quickly, but they can also even pose health risks. They carry diseases, and the dust and dander that their activity contributes to aren’t healthy for anyone, certainly not people with asthma or other sensitive groups like the elderly. This is why you should take these steps to help make sure no cockroach infestations are ever a concern: 

  • Food Storage: Cockroaches can chew through weak food packaging or take advantage of crumbs and traces left behind after meals. This is why proper storage and deep cleaning are key. 
  • Moisture Control: Roaches are attracted to areas of moisture, so quickly addressing poor ventilation or leaks and drips is another prevention measure.
  • Access Points: A cockroach can flatten its body to fit through small cracks or tight spaces. This is why you should address any potential access points, no matter how small. 

Rather than sweating all these details by yourself, let the experts at Hawk Mosquito & Pest deal with cockroach prevention. Contact us today to see how we can offer total protection. 

How Dangerous Are The Termites In Norfolk?

Most of the time when people think of dangerous pests they picture venomous snakes and spiders or other types of stinging and biting pests that do physical harm. But some of the most dangerous pests to humans are some that actually tend to keep to themselves. Most people don’t even know that they have a problem until the dangers are apparent. We are talking about termites, which pose less direct harm to you but tons of danger to your property.

As termite damage mounts, it can lead to structural issues that pose larger hazards to your health and your buildings. Plus, the presence of termites and other pests on your Norfolk property can draw in the worse pests that we tend to be more afraid of. In order to avoid this, you need to turn to pest control experts who know how to spot the signs of termites early and implement treatments that keep them out in the first place. Turn to Hawk Mosquito & Pest to get started on proper protection from termite damage today.