Some Simple Ways To Combat The Moths In Chesapeake


What Attracts Moths To Clothing?

The common clothes moth is a problem here in Chesapeake. This pest loves to invade living areas and regularly damages items made of fabric. Clothes moths are usually drawn to homes by light sources. Once inside, these winged bugs look for dark, warm, and humid places to hide. To feed their young, clothes moths look for clothing and other fabric-based items indoors. Clothes moth larvae love to eat unwashed fabrics with lingering body oils and food residue. If these pests settle down inside your home, expect clothes moth larvae and clothes moth eggs. If you have recently noticed holes in your favorite shirts, pants, or underwear, you might be dealing with an infestation of these pests.

What Attracts Moths To Food

Another common area moth is the Indian meal moth. This invasive species lays its eggs inside boxes of dried food. These eggs hatch into Indian meal moth larvae which then feed on the contents of the food box until fully grown. Adults leave boxes, mate, and then lay new eggs inside other containers nearby. There are two ways that Indian meal moths invade homes. One is by flying indoors. The other is by laying eggs inside boxes at food-processing facilities and grocery stores. We recommend not buying boxes of food that appear damaged or are otherwise compromised.

Assessing A Moth Infestation

It is hard to assess a moth infestation. If you are only seeing a few of these pests indoors this doesn’t mean you have a small problem. Chances are they have laid eggs nearby. These eggs will hatch and grow your problem exponentially. The only way to make sure you don’t wake up with dozens of moths fluttering around indoors is to address your problem ASAP. This is best done with professional pest control courtesy of Hawk Mosquito & Pest. 

Four Simple Ways To Keep Moths Away 

Before we talk about professional moth pest control, we think it is important that you understand some tips and tricks to keep these pests away.

  1. Check boxes of food for damage before buying them at the store.
  2. Turn off lights around your home when it gets dark out. Another option is to invest in bulbs that are insect resistant (yellow).
  3. Use a caulking gun to seal holes, gaps, and cracks around your home’s exterior foundation.
  4. Make sure your window/door screens, weatherstripping, and door sweeps are all in good working condition.

Professional Moth Control Services For Chesapeake Residents

If you are noticing an influx of moths in or around your Chesapeake home, we have a solution. At Hawk Mosquito & Pest Control we work hard to address pest problems for members of our community. We pride ourselves on our hard work and dedication to our craft. To start, schedule your home for a detailed pest inspection. This will allow our technicians to assess pest pressures in and around your home and put in place a plan of action to get and keep out invaders like moths.

Call today to find out more about pest control in Chesapeake and get your home the care it deserves.