What To Do About Ants In Your Virginia Beach Home


How To Tell If You Have An Ant Infestation

Ants will enter your house, looking for moisture, food, and shelter. Here are signs of an ant infestation in Virginia Beach:

  • Ant mounds outside your home - Small or large mounds of dirt outside may not seem like a big deal, but you should not be comfortable because there could be hundreds, if not thousands, of ants hiding below the surface, waiting to enter your home in search of shelter and more. 
  • Seeing live ants walking around - Seeing ants in different sections of your house is the first indication of ant infestation. If you see ants outside your house and take no action, they will not take long to venture inside your home.
  • A visible trail of ants - Ants leave a pheromone trail when they find food. When you see many ants following this trail, it signifies an ant colony is close by. 
  • Finding insect wings on window ledges, floor, or outdoor entrances - Queen termites discard old wings when they find a place where their colony will thrive. Although the colony will not be present, it is a sign that it is to come.
  • Ants crawling on food crumbs or leftover food - Ants can eat anything. If you find them on the food you've left on the kitchen counter, it might signify an infestation. 

If you notice these or more signs, we highly recommend contacting our Hawk Mosquito & Pest experts. We are the best pest control company for ants. You can count on us to keep your home ant free. 

The Many Problems Ants Can Create In Your Home

There are various ways that ants can damage your property and affect the health of your family members. For instance, carpenter ants can damage your wooden structures more than termites. Secondly, a sting from fire ants can be painful and cause swelling, itchiness, and redness. People with allergic reactions to the sting can experience nausea, chest pains, and stomach cramps. Lastly, ants are food sources for flies, beetles, spiders, and other pests. So, if they are in considerable numbers in your house, they will attract other pests.  

Why Do-It-Yourself Ants Control Often Fails

Colonies are always far from where you spot ants looking for food. That makes it hard for DIY ant control options to eliminate an ant infestation. If you want to get rid of ant colonies around your home, you must understand the behavior of ants and know where they are likely to create colonies, among other things. So, if that is outside your toolset of skills, then you won't be able to resolve the problems of ant control in your yard completely. Why spend a lot of time and money on temporary solutions when you can work with trained pest control experts for permanent solutions? Call Hawk Mosquito & Pest and talk to us about your ant problem. 

The Most Effective Way To Get Rid Of Ants In Your Home

If you have tried DIY methods and other ant prevention tips without success, you should hire a professional from Hawk Mosquito & Pest. Depending on the ant infestation you are experiencing, our exterminator will inspect your property and recommend the best solution to treat the ant colony on your property. In addition, we provide pocket-friendly solutions for ant control near you. So, contact us today, and let's help you make your home an ant-free zone. 

Ants are common household pests that can damage your property even more than some rodents. Some ways you can discover ant infestations in your Virginia Beach Property are when you spot ants mound in your yard or walkway or see live ants walking on your leftover food. If you want to remove ants before they damage your property, hire professionals who can offer the best home pest control near you for ants. Contact Hawk Mosquito & Pest for more details.