The Trick To Getting Rid Of A Flea Infestation In Your Virginia Beach Home


How To Identify A Flea Infestation

If you are wondering how to identify fleas in your Virginia Beach home, check out the following signs of fleas:

  • Pale gums: Since fleas eat the pet's blood, the pets can become anemic, which means a reduced amount of hemoglobin in your pet's blood. And a sign of anemia is pale gums, which could mean a flea invasion. 
  • Restless pets: When you see a sudden change in pet behavior, like a calm dog becoming snappy, inspect for fleas.
  • White sock test: Put on a pair of white cotton socks and walk around your house while shuffling your feet. If there are fleas, they will jump onto your socks. 
  • Flea eggs in the carpet: Put on a pair of gloves and run your fingers across the carpet to see if there are small, white eggs. Since they are also very tiny, you should inspect them with a magnifying glass. You might have an infestation if you find eggs in different parts of the house. 
  • Scratching: When you see your pet excessively scratching itself, it is one of the top indicators of the presence of fleas. 

When you experience several of these signs, you want to contact a flea exterminator from Hawk Mosquito & Pest. 

Fleas Are A Health Risk For Both People And Pets

Some people are allergic to flea bites; these individuals will have welts on their skin and may even experience breathing challenges. Pets can also experience allergic reactions and even become anemic. That is why you should always take your pets to the vet for flea inspection and work with Hawk Mosquito & Pest to identify and get rid of fleas. In humans, fleas cause flea-borne (murine) typhus, cat scratch disease (CSD), and plague.

The Trick To Total Flea Control For Your Home

Fleas are tough to remove once in your house because of their reproduction rate and how they can spread in the home. To effectively get rid of these pests once and for all, you should take your pets to the vet and work with a pest control company to help you remove these pests from your house. At Hawk Mosquito & Pest, we have high-quality flea treatment solutions that effectively counter flea infestations. 

How To Prevent Future Flea Infestations In Your House

You can use numerous ways to keep flea infestation out of your house. You can start by vacuuming floors, area rugs, and carpets. When you vacuum, ensure that you clean your vacuum bags to prevent eggs from hatching inside. And if you want to guarantee that your home is free of fleas, hire professionals to conduct regular checks for any signs of fleas. 

Fleas are tiny pests that are easy to identify but hard to eradicate. Signs of fleas include your pets having pale gums, scratching excessively, and finding flea eggs in the carpet. Unfortunately, flea bites and flea diseases are also some of the problems with these pests invading your home. So, if you spot signs of fleas in your Virginia Beach Home and are looking for the best way to get rid of fleas in your house, call for expert home pest control from Hawk Mosquito & Pest.