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Spiders are common pests in Chesapeake that are a major nuisance for homeowners. Even though some spiders are harmless, others can be venomous and should be avoided at all costs. All types of spiders can enter your home through small gaps in the foundation and walls and can be attracted to areas with high humidity levels. They can also be attracted to the presence of insects. You can keep these nuisance pests out of your house for good using professional Chesapeake pest control services. For expert pest control in Chesapeake, look no further than Hawk Mosquito & Pest. We'll protect you and your home from spiders and make sure that once they're gone, they're gone for good. 

Types Of Spiders In Chesapeake

For effective spider control, you'll want to have a proper understanding of the types of spiders that are common in the area, their behavior, and the best ways to eliminate and prevent them. Chesapeake is home to many different kinds of spiders, each with its own unique attributes and behaviors. While some spiders, such as the house spider, are harmless and even beneficial for controlling insects in your home, other spiders, like the black widow and brown recluse, can be dangerous to you, your family, and your pets. Here are a few of the most common types of spiders found in Chesapeake:

  • Black widow spider: One of the most venomous spiders in Chesapeake, the black widow is easily recognizable by its black color, shiny body, and red hourglass shape found on its abdomen. These small spiders are typically found in dim and secluded areas like sheds, basements, and piles of wood. Black widow spiders are fairly timid and reclusive but are known to bite if disturbed. Black widow venom is reportedly 15 times stronger than that of a rattlesnake, making their bites dangerous to humans. A bite from one of these spiders can induce muscle pain, cramping, and spasms. In severe cases, it can also cause nausea, vomiting, and, in very rare cases, death.
  • Brown recluse spider: Another venomous spider in Chesapeake, the brown recluse has a brown body with a violin-shaped mark on its back. This spider is also known as the "fiddle-back spider" or "violin spider." They are typically found in dark areas such as basements and attics. Bites from brown recluse spiders are somewhat rare but still possible. When brown recluses bite, their venom can cause intense pain, redness, fever, and more. In more severe cases, complications can occur and lead to necrosis, a condition in which the skin and tissue around the bite die.
  • Yellow sac spider: The yellow sac spider is a type of house spider with a yellow or orange body and a long, thin shape. These local spiders are nocturnal. These pests are known for their venomous bite and can be found both indoors and outdoors. In most cases, the bite from a yellow sac spider is not serious and heals on its own within a few days. Luckily, the bite of a yellow sac spider is less severe than that of a black widow or brown recluse. 
  • House spider: This spider is found in most Chesapeake homes. The common house spider is a general term that refers to several distinct types of spiders typically found in homes. Identifying house spiders and distinguishing them from other types of spiders can be difficult for some. A few examples of the most common types of house spiders include the American house spider, the European house spider, and the cellar spider. All of these are considered to be harmless spiders and their bites are not dangerous at all. Additionally, these different house spiders are considered to be beneficial pests, as they help to control the population of other insects.
  • Wolf spider: This large, hairy spider is found in a variety of outdoor habitats and can be recognized by its large size and unique eye pattern. They are not as venomous as the black widow and brown recluse spider, but can still be intimidating to some homeowners. 

Seek medical attention immediately if you believe that you have been bitten by a venomous spider.

Five Natural Spider Deterring Tips

A great way to keep spiders out of your home is by preventing them from gaining entry in the first place. Here are five natural spider-deterring tips that will help make your home less appealing to these pests:

  1. Spread dried lavender leaves around your house. Alternatively, you can also scatter drops of lavender essential oil throughout your home to repel spiders.
  2. Use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter that will trap any spiders that may have found their way inside your home. 
  3. If there is a visible web, carefully remove it from the outside, then spray a mixture of two parts water to one part bleach on the area where the web is attached. 
  4. Reduce clutter in your home, garage, yard, and shed to eliminate potential hiding places for spiders. 
  5. Seal any crevices throughout the interior and exterior of your house using caulk or expanding foam. 

Although professional pest control is the best way to ensure that you're deterring spiders from your home, these quick and natural tips can still be effective in the meantime.

Five Easy Tips To Prevent Future Spider Infestations

Now that you know the most common types of spiders in Chesapeake and natural ways to deter them, you'll also want to know how to prevent any future spider infestations as well. To prevent any more spider infestations from occurring in your home:

  1. Keep indoor and outdoor lights on whenever possible, since many different types of spiders are nocturnal and like to avoid areas that are bright. Consider switching to yellow bulbs so as not to attract insects that spiders may prey on.
  2. Create a large distance between any shrubbery and greenery that may be near your home. Efficient landscaping will help you prevent spider infestations by decreasing the chances of spiders finding their way into your home.
  3. Deal with any moisture problems your home may have in a timely manner. There are a few different kinds of spiders that are attracted to moisture, leaks, and so on.
  4. Address any other pest infestations your home may have, since different types of insects may be attracting spiders into your home.
  5. Remove any spider webs you may find and clean the area afterward. Try to make your home uninhabitable for any spiders that find their way inside.

By being proactive and implementing these easy tips into your routine, you can effectively prevent any future spider infestations in your Chesapeake home. A tidy and well-maintained home and yard will go a long way in keeping your home spider-free.

Quality Pest Control Makes The Best Spider Control

Although some spiders are harmless, others can be dangerous, and their presence can be both a nuisance and a cause for concern for Chesapeake homeowners. In order to effectively get rid of spiders and prevent future infestations, turn to expert pest control professionals for the quality treatment your home deserves. Look no further than Hawk Mosquito & Pest if you need quality pest control that will give you the best spider control in Chesapeake. 

Professional pest control from Hawk Mosquito & Pest is the best solution for your home because our expert technicians have the expertise and knowledge to develop an effective treatment plan. We also have the training necessary to ensure that all treatments conducted are safe for you, your family, and your pets. With quality pest control, you can have peace of mind knowing that your home is free from venomous and nuisance spiders. By turning to the experts for help, we will provide you with a long-term solution to your spider infestation.

Our company is family-owned and operated and helps Chesapeake families keep their homes safe and pest-free. What sets us apart is that we strive not to overuse or underuse products, only sticking to what your home needs. We are also proud to offer a selection of eco-friendly alternatives for those customers who prefer them. We get rid of pests quickly and effectively, offer inexpensive payment options, and educate our customers on proper pest prevention. 

Upon arriving at your home, our team will conduct a thorough inspection while inspecting for signs of spiders. We will then follow up with a spray treatment in your home and around any cracks and crevices where the spiders may be getting in. Eliminating any potential entry points will help deter future spider infestations. Additionally, we educate our customers on how to ensure that spiders remain out of their homes for good.

When it comes to effectively getting rid of spiders and preventing future infestations, professional pest control is the best solution. You can't go wrong by turning to quality treatment conducted by a reliable pest control company. By hiring the experienced pest professionals at Hawk Mosquito & Pest, Chesapeake homeowners can enjoy a spider-free home and peace of mind, knowing that their spider problem has been properly taken care of. With quality pest control, you can be confident that pest issues are a thing of the past. Don't wait any longer; give us a call today!

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