The Trick To Proper Cockroach Control In Virginia Beach

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It is likely you know that cockroaches will outlive humans if there is a thermonuclear war. This is a commonly known fact. But, knowing this might make you think roaches are indestructible. While it is true that they can survive a world-wide nuclear catastrophe, they can't survive the direct impact of a nuclear bomb—nor is a nuclear bomb the only thing that can destroy them. We say all this tongue in cheek but we want you to consider something. Have you ever found a roach lying on its back in a home or business? Did you immediately assume that it died because of exposure to a pest control material? Though it is possible, the more likely reason the roach died is a lack of moisture. Some pest cockroaches have a high moisture requirement. You can use this knowledge to control them. As a side note, the reason you find a roach on its back is that roaches are top heavy. They are continually clinging to surfaces when they aren't tucked into crevices. There is a reason we added this seemingly random fact. We'll cover it later in this article. The main focus of our discussion today is moisture control and its impact on cockroaches. Apart from getting professional cockroach pest control in Virginia Beach, moisture control is the best way to deal with roaches. When you add food control and exclusion work, you have a recipe for effective roach management without the need for cockroach control products. Let's look at how this works.

Identifying A Cockroach Infestation In Virginia Beach

There are primarily four kinds of cockroach pests in Virginia Beach. If you have the right roaches in your home, you may try using all-natural methods to get rid of them. Here's what you need to know.

  • German cockroaches are the worst of all roaches. They have a low moisture requirement and can live in environments where there is food scarcity. On top of this, they are almost exclusively indoor pests, and we've thrown everything but the kitchen sink at them. Over the last century, they have developed immunities to many control products and an aversion to common baits. If you find a cockroach in your house, we hope it isn't a German cockroach because you're not likely to have success getting rid of those roaches. Contact Hawk MP for a German cockroach treatment.
  • Wood cockroaches are on the other end of the spectrum. These are the best roaches to find in your home because they don't want to live with you. They prefer to live outside. They're also not as much of a health risk as other pest roaches. You can easily tell that you have wood roaches; these insects are active in the day and don't mind the light.
  • American cockroaches are notorious. Often called palmetto bugs or water bugs, these giant roaches are disgusting. But it is far better to see a big, disgusting American roach than to see a small, sneaky, tan cockroach. The reason is in the name. Water bugs love water. And as a palmetto bug, it loves the dampness found under palmetto fronds. A dry home is resistant to these insects.
  • Oriental cockroaches are the worst pest roaches in terms of their ability to make you sick, but they're the easiest roaches to control with all-natural methods. They have the highest moisture requirement of all the roaches listed here. You can tell Oriental roaches by their black (or very dark brown) coloration.

Now that you have a few cockroach facts to build on, let's look at how cockroach food fits into the control puzzle. You may not know it but decaying organic matter and poor sanitation offer food options for roaches. You can protect the food you eat and still offer food to roaches.         

The Cockroaches In Virginia Beach Could Be Dangerous

Roaches are dangerous because they pick up harmful microorganisms in unsanitary places. So, as we discuss how to reduce food options for roaches, we'll touch on how your efforts can protect you from roach-related illness.

  • Cockroaches love garbage. They get inside and hide underneath trash receptacles. Some roaches lay their egg pouches inside trash so that their nymphs will have something to eat when they hatch. Keep your receptacles clean to reduce the risk of roaches spreading germs. Consider getting scented bags to mask the smell of organic matter from the roaches. Remove your trash routinely to prevent roaches reproducing in your trash, and keep your receptacles covered.
  • Cockroaches eat grease, grime, and oil on the sides of ovens. Deep cleaning is critical for cockroach control. The side of your oven is a common location for roaches to explore because they prefer tight spaces. Remember how roaches are found lying on their backs. When they're in a crevice, they're able to relax. They don't have to continually grip the surface they're on.
  • Cockroaches get into drains, particularly drains that aren't used often, such as a sink in your laundry room. They'll feed on decaying organic matter while they're in there. When they go from locations like this to your food storage areas, they create conditions for illness. Cleaning and disinfecting drains not only deters roaches but helps to protect your health.
  • You may think roaches prefer your kitchen and pantry but they are equally attracted to your bathroom. They feed on dead skin cells, hair, feces, and toothpaste, among other things. We don't want to gross you out, so we'll just repeat two words and let you put the pieces together: feces and toothpaste. When you keep your bathroom as clean as possible, you guard yourself from this obvious health concern. We also recommend putting your toothbrushes in protective cases until your roach problem has been addressed.
  • Cockroaches feed on paper in the same way silverfish do. Stacks of cardboard are highly attractive. If you have a stack of old pizza boxes, roaches will take notice. The older the boxes are, the greater the risk of roaches spreading germs.

Do you see how it works? While cockroaches can eat human and pet food, those are not the sources of concern when it comes to roach-related illness. You should not limit your cleaning efforts to your kitchen and pantry.  

Is DIY Roach Control Simple To Execute?

All-natural roach control is hard. We're not going to sugar coat it. You'll have to roll your sleeves up. But, if you're willing to do the work, you'll reap many benefits that go far beyond roach control. We already discussed tips to help you control food sources, now we'll look at moisture control, exclusions, and habitat modifications.

Moisture: You may already know that there is water in the air, but you might not know how much. If you install a dehumidifier, it may shock you how much moisture it can remove from the air. While you don't notice that elevated moisture, roaches do. The installation of dehumidifiers in key areas can have a big impact. When you couple this with fixing faucets, showerheads, pipes, garbage disposals, and other plumbing issues, you remove the moisture American and Oriental cockroaches need for cohabitation.

Exclusions: Cockroaches are attracted to gaps and cracks. Sealing entry points doesn't just work to physically deter roaches, it removes the attractants that are likely to bring them in your home. Use a caulking gun and expanding foam to get gaps around pipes, windows, and doors. Replace weatherstripping where needed. Seal every gap and hole, no matter how small.

Yard Work: Do you remember the names used to describe an American cockroach? These roaches don't just like to hide under palmetto fronds; they love leaf litter as well. When you remove organic debris, such as leaves, dead branches, and stacked wood, you reduce the number of roaches near your home.

Cockroaches and other pests are deterred by food control, moisture control, exclusions, and habitat modifications. If you don't mind the work, these tips are great.  

How To Keep Cockroaches Away From Your Home Forever

The best, and easiest, way to keep roaches out of your home forever is to get year-round pest control. Routine exterior treatments provide layers of protection that roaches and other pests have a hard time penetrating. If you're in Virginia Beach, reach out to Hawk Mosquito & Pest. We use Integrated Pest Management to provide the highest level of environmentally friendly pest control possible. Our technicians are also hard workers. We don't shy away from doing hard tasks, such as sealing any and all openings roaches can use to get into your home. There is no hole we can't patch. If you want long-lasting and sustainable roach control, we have you covered. Schedule a service visit today and we'll send one of our friendly and knowledgeable technicians over to perform an inspection. We'll let you know what roaches you're dealing with and what will work best to control. If you wish, we can also guide you toward a year-round service plan to give you forever protection against Virginia roaches.  

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