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Pest Control In Suffolk, VA

Known for its pairing with Norfolk, Virginia, Suffolk is the more suburban area of the Chesapeake metropolitan area. Known for its inland swamps and nature spaces, Suffolk property owners have plenty of pest populations to contend with. From mosquitoes that thrive in humid climates to rodents and other invaders that benefit from human activity, it’s important to get started early on pest control. Learn how with the help of professionals. 

Residential Pest Control In Suffolk

Many people underestimate the serious problems that pests can cause both inside and outside of homes. From costly and hazardous damage to diseases and other health concerns, pests aren’t the kind of problem you want to simply leave alone to grow. Unfortunately, most people only act on residential pest control after they notice the signs of pests are already there. The better course of action is to partner early and often with pest control experts who can head off these problems before they become serious. 

Here is how Hawk Mosquito & Pest can assist you today: 

  • Quarterly Service: Pests tend to come in waves, and different species are active during different times of the year. That’s why our quarterly service provides comprehensive protection against all kinds of pest concerns. 
  • Elimination: If pests have already moved in or are nesting around your property, we can quickly eliminate them with safe and effective methods. 
  • Prevention: More importantly, though, professional pest control helps to avoid pest infestation in the first place. We don’t just treat the immediate problem, we protect against future ones, too.

For residential pest control that actually protects you against infestations in Suffolk, contact Hawk Mosquito & Pest today. 

Commercial Pest Control In Suffolk

Keeping pests from ruining your business is a constant battle, no matter what kind of property you own or what commercial operations you oversee. Pests are drawn to the food, water, and shelter that can be found on all properties, so the extra human activity that happens on business lots means that local property owners have to be preventative, not just reactive. Simply put, it’s important to partner with experts for commercial pest control.

At Hawk Mosquito & Pest, we can help you in the following ways: 

  • Basic Pest Control: Our basic pest services are designed to be general and account for the most frequent invaders of human properties. This includes things like basic insect and rodent control. 
  • Specialty Control: For the most comprehensive protection, however, we utilize specialty services that also protect against the more damaging and dangerous pests, like termites. 
  • Cost Benefits: Even though it can seem cheaper to try store-bought products or DIY solutions, these actually wind up costing more in the long run. They won’t eliminate the problem fully and you’ll keep having to waste time and money. This is why commercial pest control offered by experts is actually the cheapest in the long term. 

Make sure your Suffolk business never succumbs to the woes of a pest infestation, contact Hawk Mosquito & Pest today. 

How Spiders Could Be Getting Inside Your Suffolk Home

Spiders can seem like the inevitable cost of having a home sometimes. House spiders are so common that just about everyone has seen one inside their property from time to time. This is why it’s important to learn how you can curb the factors that tend to attract them to your home in the first place: 

  • Landscaping: An overgrown lawn or a yard with lots of long branches for them to spin webs on is essentially an ideal hunting ground for spiders. Keeping your yard trim and maintained is key. 
  • Access Points: Spiders tend to be small enough to fit in through gaps below the door, holes in window screens, or even just cracks in the wall. That’s why you should regularly inspect and maintain these areas. 
  • Other Pests: Spiders aren’t attracted to homes because of the same things as other pests. Instead, they are attracted by those other pests themselves. This is why overall pest control is really the best way to prevent house spiders. 

At Hawk Mosquito & Pest, we can help you with all these factors. Contact us today to get started. 

Six Practical Ant Control Tips For Suffolk Property Owners

The most common invasive pests of them all are ants. They can detect mere traces of food and moisture inside of a property, and they are small enough to take advantage of access points that other pests can’t. And not all ant species are mere nuisances; some can lead to property damage or health concerns.

Here are six ant control tips that will reduce your risk:  

  1. Food Storage: Ants can get inside of open containers and forage for crumbs, so fully addressing food sources is the most important part of ant control. 
  2. Trash Storage: But ants can also live off the food we throw away, so you need your trash to be inaccessible to their numbers. 
  3. Crack Sealing: Regularly checking your property’s exterior for cracks or holes will help you address potential access points promptly. 
  4. Moisture Control: Ants and other pests are attracted to moisture, so quickly addressing areas of buildup is crucial. 
  5. Inspections: In order to spot all the factors that might be drawing in pests, let an expert inspect your property for attractants or signs of pests themselves. 
  6. Treatments: Professionals can also offer comprehensive treatments that ward off ants and other pests. This is the surest way to make sure an infestation never happens to you.

Protect your Suffolk property from ants and other pests by contacting Hawk Mosquito & Pest Control today.