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Spider Control In Chesapeake, VA

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Why Spiders Are So Dangerous To Virginians

Most spider species in the Chesapeake area are relatively harmless to humans and pets. Although all spiders possess both fangs and venom, they rarely, if ever, affect our health in a meaningful way. However, there are exceptions to the rule. Virginian home and business owners are at risk for black widow and brown recluse activity, two arachnids with a history of deadly bites.

Protecting your Northern Virginia home against potential spider infestations begins with you. Eliminating infestations already inside your property ends with Hawk Mosquito & Pest. As a BBB A+ accredited organization, our technicians use a combination of Integrated Pest Management, professional treatments, and education to eliminate spider infestations for good.

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Treating Spider Infestations With Hawk Mosquito & Pest

Once you have identified spider species in your home, Hawk Mosquito & Pest will be ready and available to visit your home for a free inspection. We use decades of industry experience to discover the signs and symptoms of spider activity near your home, particularly around cracks, corners, and crevices where they may be hiding.

After we’ve spotted the spiders in question, Hawk Mosquito & Pest begins the process of applying traditional or eco-friendly spider treatments. This spray will be applied to all corners of the home, as well as near entry points that may allow them inside.

Once the treatment process is complete, we reassess the situation with fresh insights. Our technicians will provide additional information about how to keep spiders out for good, citing several ways to prevent future spider infestations using prevention methods.

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Long Term Spider Prevention Post-Treatment

Spider treatments help to eliminate arachnids already present in the home. However, ongoing maintenance and prevention will help to significantly reduce their numbers. The following prevention steps should be taken immediately after a professional spider treatment:

  • Wipe spider webs away from the sides, corners, and crevices of the home.
  • Control interior moisture levels, and be sure to repair clogged drains and leaky pipes.
  • Do what you can to seal up potential entry points, using waterproof caulking as often as possible.

The appearance of many spiders may be a sign of potential secondary infestations nearby. If you think or know that an additional pest infestation is taking place around the property, you are encouraged to get in contact with Hawk Mosquito & Pest right away.

Your Spider Free Home Begins With Hawk Mosquito & Pest

It’s not easy to maintain a pest-free home. With help from the professionals at Hawk Mosquito & Pest, you are one step closer to reaching that reality. Call, click, or visit our contact form today to join the Hawk Mosquito & Pest spider control roster. Learn more about pest control services in Virginia Beach and beyond!

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