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Rodent Control In Chesapeake, VA

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The Many Dangers Of Rodents In Chesapeake

Despite their fuzzy, almost cute exteriors, rodents are not pests to be underestimated. With powerful, sharp teeth, disease-carrying capabilities, and the ability to slip through holes the size of a quarter, rodents are a very real threat to your family’s health and wellness.

When the time comes to put pressure on noxious rodent species, Hawk Mosquito & Pest will be standing by to help any way we can. Our carefully designed, award-winning rodent control plans go above and beyond to secure your Chesapeake home from mice and rats of all kinds.

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Rodent Treatments From Hawk Mosquito & Pest

Removing rats and mice from your Northern Virginia home is much more complicated than other types of pest control. Apart from our usual three-step treatment process, Hawk Mosquito & Pest uses a host of specialized techniques to rid your property of pesky rodent activity.

  • Trained professionals inspect any areas where rodents may be hiding, particularly near scratch marks and recent sightings.
  • We retain a highly-trained rodent detection canine that provides additional information about where rodents enter and exit the home.
  • Using the insights from our rodent detection canine, our crew will strategically place traps, bait, and other rodent control treatments near the area of activity.
  • Our team will perform any and all exclusion work that needs to be done, quickly locking potential rodent invaders out of the house.
  • All crawl spaces will be properly cleaned and sanitized, along with the attic and insulation.

Rodent control in Chesapeake starts with Hawk Mosquito & Pest. Call today to schedule your first-ever rodent inspection.

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Preventing Rodents After Professional Treatment

Although rodent control treatments eliminate any existing colonies around the property, continuous prevention steps allow you to keep pests out for the long term. Take care of your home and family by relying on the following techniques:

  • Continue to caulk, seal, or repair entry points as they arise. Reach out for professional help if the damage is severe.
  • Mop, sweep, and vacuum often to remove potential food sources.
  • Throw garbage away immediately, and remove all trash from the premises at least once per week.

For additional rodent control tips or to speak with a qualified representative, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at Hawk Mosquito & Pest.

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Rodent species should never be allowed near your home or business. To keep your property as safe as possible, book ongoing home pest control or commercial exterminator services from the pros at Hawk Mosquito & Pest. Whether your rodent concerns are big or small, our professional team can handle it all!