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Quality Pest Control In Portsmouth, VA

With the Elizabeth River looping around the city, Portsmouth is scenic from all angles. This city by the sea offers residents and visitors alike an eclectic waterfront experience, with beer gardens, Portsmouth City Park, the Children's Museum of Virginia, and quaint streets that are worth wandering. Along with sister cities Norfolk and Newport News, Portsmouth is part of the local Navy community. When pest problems arise in the area, residents need reliable answers, and Hawk Mosquito & Pest has them.

Our Norfolk County pest control is designed to address all of the seasonal and biological impacts that can lead to infestations, which is why we utilize methods of Integrated Pest Management in the work that we do. All of our services are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee and we always strive to provide services that are budget-conscious. Above all else, we promise to work with integrity and put your needs first. To learn more about keeping your property pest-free, contact us today. 

Residential Pest Control In Portsmouth

Your Portsmouth home is the place where you come to relax after a long day, but when pests are present, that simply can’t happen. At Hawk Mosquito & Pest, we work tirelessly to ensure the highest quality of residential pest control around. Our philosophy is to bring homeowners affordable and effective solutions that create sustainable changes and better their quality of life. Whether you’re looking to prevent rodents or correct a termite problem, we can help.  With both traditional and eco-friendly options available, we aim to remove all sources of stress and create a safe home that you can once again enjoy. To learn more about keeping your home free from pests, contact us today. 

Commercial Pest Control In Portsmouth

At Hawk Mosquito & Pest, we believe that no two businesses are alike, and commercial pest control should reflect that. When you entrust the success of your business to us, we customize every single program that we design and implement. This means that every service and treatment that you receive will address your specific needs and no one else's. With methods that are influenced by Integrated Pest Management, we’re able to make this a reality. But we don’t stop there. At Hawk Mosquito & Pest, we also pride ourselves on always acting with integrity, providing swift and reliable service, and having a customer care program that is always available to you. If your business can benefit from commercial pest control, contact us today. 

Portsmouth Property Owners' Complete Rat Control Guide

When rats enter Portsmouth properties, they can be extremely dangerous and damaging. They tend to bring parasites like mites and fleas, can spread leptospirosis and rat-bite fever, and cause significant property damage. To keep this from happening, try the following tips:

  • Keep shrubbery, trees, and other greenery around a home or building pruned and ensure that they do not come into contact with one another. 
  • Fill all openings in the foundation with materials like liquid foam, sheet metal, steel wool, and wire mesh. No crack or crevice is too small. 
  • Ensure that any trash that’s stored outside is secure and is not overflowing. Additionally, dispose of any fruit that may have fallen from trees. 
  • Address any leaks both inside and outside by tending to gutters, faucets, pipes, and other fixtures. Additionally, keep any storage spaces, closets, basements, and crawl spaces well ventilated. 
  • Aim for a clean interior by disinfecting surface routinely, tidying up after spills, removing all forms of clutter, and storing food in airtight containers. 

For the most secure protection from rats, contact Hawk Mosquito & Pest. We specialize in safe methods of rat control that are designed to not only remove infestations but also prevent them from happening. For more information on our rat control services, contact us today. 

The Secret To Keeping Spiders Out Of Your Portsmouth Home

Crafty spiders will work tirelessly to enter your Portsmouth home if they detect the possibility of a meal or steady water supply. Given the nature of what spiders eat, which is other pests, and how difficult detecting a leak in your own home can be, the secret to preventing these pests is professional spider control from Hawk Mosquito & Pest. While you might work tirelessly to keep both spiders and the pests they prey on out of your home, those efforts may often be unfruitful simply because you’re not equipped with the knowledge and tools to do so properly.

Our spider control process takes into account years of experience along with either traditional or eco-friendly products that we’ll use to treat both the inside and outside of your home. If you desire a more long-term solution to spiders, our technicians might recommend ongoing pest control services that will also provide de-webbing, treatment for other pests, and education on controlling interior moisture levels. Because all of our routine work is 100% guaranteed, you can rest assured that your home will be spider-free. For more information on spider control, contact Hawk Mosquito & Pest today. 

How Did These Beetles Get Into My Portsmouth Home?

There are many different species of beetles, and it’s not uncommon to find them in your Portsmouth home. If you have beetles in your house, you may be wondering how they got inside. The answer to this will depend on what type of beetle you’ve found. 

Some beetles are pantry pests. These pests typically get into your house in bags or boxes of food already infested when you buy them at the grocery store. Once in your home, the beetles will get into and contaminate other food items in your pantry as they lay eggs. Pantry pests are not a huge threat to your house or health, but they are a nuisance, and they’ll cost you money on food you end up having to throw away.

Other beetles get into your Portsmouth home from outside. Often occurring in the fall, as the weather changes and gets cooler, some beetles will start looking for a warmer, indoor location to spend their time. Beetles find it easy to exploit small gaps around windows or cracks in your siding or foundation in order to get into your house. Although most beetles are just a nuisance, they can cause minor damage to your belongings, and no one wants dozens of beetles crawling around their home.

Solving beetle problems requires the services of Hawk Mosquito and Pest. We can safely and effectively get rid of the beetles in your house, no matter the species or how they got inside. Contact us to take care of your beetle problem today.

A Helpful Guide To Cockroaches For Portsmouth Property Owners

You know you don’t want cockroaches in your house, but are you aware of just how dangerous they can be when they get inside? A cockroach infestation is one of the most dangerous pest infestations because of the many germs that cockroaches spread. If these pests get into your Portsmouth home, your entire family is at risk of contracting serious illnesses.

Knowing a few things about cockroaches, including how to get rid of cockroaches in your house, can be helpful in the event you discover an infestation. Here’s what you need to know about these pests:

  • Cockroaches spend their time in filthy locations, which is where they pick up dangerous pathogens. Once in your home, they can spread those pathogens to countertops and other areas.
  • Cockroaches are nocturnal and don’t like coming out in the open. If you see cockroaches out in the open in your house, it’s an indication that you have a large cockroach infestation, and some of them are venturing out to look for food or shelter.
  • Cockroaches are extremely difficult to eliminate. They are resistant to many over-the-counter treatments, can be hard to locate, and are resilient creatures that don’t die easily. 

If you have cockroaches in your house, you have to get rid of them as quickly and thoroughly as possible. Hawk Mosquito and Pest offers the quality cockroach control services you need to be sure of the complete elimination of all cockroaches. 

Four No Sweat Ant Prevention Tips For Portsmouth Homes

An ant infestation is a highly annoying pest infestation to deal with. Ants seem to appear out of nowhere, and it doesn’t seem to matter how many you get rid of; more show up to take their place. Knowing a few simple ant prevention tips can help you avoid an infestation in your Portsmouth home altogether. The following four will help:

  1. Make sure your cupboards are clean. Ants often come into your house to forage for food and end up finding a good source in a cabinet or pantry where a bag of sugar has spilled or a jar of syrup has leaked. Make sure your shelves and the rest of the kitchen are clear of spills, crumbs, and leaks to make your house unattractive to ants.
  2. Keep your house as free of moisture as possible. Ants require water to survive and will gravitate to a house with a steady water supply. If your pipes leak or you have a highly humid home, they’ll find the moisture they need. Repair leaks and keep humidity down to avoid an ant infestation.
  3. Seal up your house. Ants have to get inside somehow, and because of their tiny size, it’s usually easy for them to find an entry point. By sealing cracks, fixing holes in your siding, removing gaps around your doors, and repairing torn window screens, you can make it much harder for ants to find a way inside.
  4. Contact the professionals at Hawk Mosquito and Pest. If ants are already in your house, or if there are a lot of ants outside your home, let us know! We offer the pest control services necessary to eliminate your ant problem and make sure it doesn’t return.

How Dangerous Is It To Have Fleas In My Portsmouth Home?

Fleas are unpleasant pests to have in your Portsmouth home. They can also be dangerous. The most obvious problem with fleas is their ability to cover you in itchy bites. These bites can have the added problem of allowing them to transmit diseases, such as tularemia or murine typhus. Fleas can also spread tapeworms, which is a greater threat to your pets and young children than to adults. Additionally, some pets can develop anemia from a flea infestation.

Flea control is a necessity if fleas get into your Portsmouth home. A small flea infestation will quickly turn into a large infestation if not taken care of quickly. Hawk Mosquito and Pest offers flea control services to rid your house of fleas. Get in touch with us today to get started.