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Beetle Identification & Prevention In Chesapeake, VA

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What are beetles?

Beetles make up the largest order of insects. They have two pairs of wings. The first pair are hardened and provide a protective cover for the second pair of membranous wings, which they use to fly. A line forms down the body where the hard, outer wings meet and help identify beetles from other insects. Beetles are often grouped by their feeding habits and described as fabric pests, stored product pests, pantry pests, or wood-destroying pests.

Other physical features of a beetle include:

  • Chewing mouthparts
  • Powerful jaws
  • Hard exoskeleton
  • Six legs and antennae

Reliable pest control for your Chesapeake home is essential to completely remove beetles from your property.

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Are beetles dangerous?

Beetles are more destructive than dangerous. Most beetles cause no harm to people but can be quite harmful to our property. In most cases, it isn't the adult beetles that are damaging but their worm or grub-like larvae. The females will lay their eggs on a suitable food source (fabrics, plants, wood, upholstered furniture, rugs, stored foods). When the larvae hatch, they begin feeding, causing damage to things we have stored in our homes.

Why do I have a beetle problem?

Adult beetles often find their way into our homes through gaps around windows and doors after being attracted by sources of lights. They or their larvae can also get inside in things like wood, potted plants, storage boxes, dry goods, and other things they regularly use as a food source.

Where will I find beetles?

Beetles can infest many different areas in our homes, including kitchens, closets, carpets, upholstered furniture, and storage boxes. Outside, adult beetles are found in dark, damp areas like gardens, on trees, under mulch, and in potted plants.

In addition to our homes, places, where beetles tend to become a problem include warehouses, food processing facilities, grocery stores, and restaurants.

How do I get rid of beetles?

If you are finding beetles in your home, the best way to eliminate them and stop the damages they are causing is to partner with a professional. The professionals at Hawk Mosquito & Pest know how much damage beetles can cause and will help you eliminate them as quickly as possible. Our pest control service area includes Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, and other surrounding areas.

We provide our customers with pest solutions that are eco-friendly, effective, and budget-friendly. We will provide effective treatments to eliminate the beetles currently in your home and ongoing follow-up services to keep them from returning! To learn more, reach out today and speak with one of our professionals about our residential or commercial pest control options in Chesapeake

How can I prevent bed bugs in the future?

Prevent issues with beetles by partnering with us at Hawk Mosquito & Pest and implementing the following recommendations.

  • Regularly vacuum and dust your home to pick up stray beetles and the dust, hair, and other debris that beetles feed on.
  • Don't purchase pantry items from the store with holes or tears in the packaging.
  • Use plastic containers with locking lids to keep beetles out of stored clothing, fabrics, or your family's food.
  • Help keep adult beetles out of your home by installing weatherstripping around windows and doors and making sure screens are intact.
  • Inspect potted plants and pieces of wood that have been outside for beetles before bringing them inside.

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