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Ant Identification & Prevention In Chesapeake, VA

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What are ants?

There are a number of different species of ants that call Virginia home and regularly find their way into our houses. Ants feed on many of the same things we eat which is why these insects are such regular invaders of our properties. Ants are social insects that live together in large groups. They are great communicators and can be very successful at maintaining one large nest or many nests.

Ants are small insects with three distinct body parts, six legs, and short antennae. Most are black, brown, or red, and reproductive members have wings. Their small size allows this pest to easily move to and from any indoor or outdoor space that provides them with their necessities. These pests can quickly overcome any home or business; that's why residential pest control services in Chesapeake are so important!

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Are ants dangerous?

While ants are certainly unwanted, problematic, and annoying, most that we come across are not a significant threat. Some of the biggest issues that ants cause inside our homes include:

  • Contaminating food
  • Spreading bacteria to surfaces
  • Being a constant annoyance

Why do I have an ant problem?

Ants live happily outdoors but are often driven indoors because of a lack of food, moisture, or safe nesting sites. These insects often move into our homes because they provide them with the resources they are looking for. Unfortunately for us, ants make terrible houseguests; they enter uninvited, invade in large numbers, and once inside, they are difficult to get rid of.

Where will I find ants?

When ants nest outside, they place them in areas that are difficult to access keeping their colonies away from predators and harsh weather elements. Most ants nest within the ground, but other common nesting sites include fallen trees, woodpiles, and under mulch or brush piles.

When ants first move inside our homes, they will likely move back and forth from their nest and into your home each day. As time goes by, they may decide to create an indoor nest; common indoor nesting sites include spaces behind walls, under floors, and attics spaces.

How do I get rid of ants?

Trusting your residential or commercial pest control needs with Hawk Mosquito & Pest is the best way to eliminate ants and other household pests from your Virginia property. We provide our customers with pest solutions that are eco-friendly, effective, and budget-friendly. We know how unsettling it can be to have ants trailing in your home. Our service will ensure that your pest problems are quickly solved and through our monthly follow-up services won’t return! Reach out today and learn more about ridding your property of unwanted ants!

How can I prevent ants in the future?

Prevent issues with ants by partnering with us at Hawk Mosquito & Pest and implementing the following recommendations.

  • Always inspect potted plants that have been outside for ants before bringing them indoors.
  • Place gardens away from the exterior of your home- ants love to feed on the honeydew that garden aphids produce.
  • Always keep lids on trashcans to keep foraging ants out of them. Store trash receptacles away from the outside of your home.
  • If you feed pets outdoors make sure always to pick up uneaten pet food.
  • Keep ants out by sealing cracks in the foundation, replacing damaged siding or roof shingles, and ensuring weather-stripping is installed around windows and doors.
  • Maintain a clean kitchen to keep crumbs and other food out of the easy reach of ants.

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