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The Key To Keeping Dangerous Mosquitoes Away From Your Virginia Beach Property

August 31, 2023

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Mosquitoes are a common summertime pest. Though they may not seem all that threatening at first glance, these pests are capable of causing a lot of problems for homeowners. They are carriers of multiple illnesses that can have long-term consequences, and they spread quickly when given a chance to establish themselves in an area. So what can you do to get rid of them? In this article, we'll answer this question and provide you with relevant information on these pests. We'll discuss their role in the ecosystem, the illnesses they spread, and how to keep your yard as mosquito-proof as possible. When it comes to mosquito control in Virginia Beach, you can count on our team at Hawk Mosquito & Pest to help you stay informed about these pests and keep them away from your home.

The Role Mosquitoes Play In The Ecosystem 

First, let's talk about mosquitoes' place in their local environments. While it might seem easier and more convenient to simply get rid of mosquitoes completely instead of putting up with them every year, these pesky insects actually contribute to the environment, and it would be a mistake to eliminate them altogether. Like most other insects in their family, mosquitoes serve as an important source of food for other creatures. Fish and other aquatic organisms feed on mosquito larvae, and adult mosquitoes are a major part of the diet of bats, birds, frogs, and dragonflies. Some species of mosquitoes help in the process of pollination since male mosquitoes consume nectar rather than blood and female mosquitoes consume both. Now that you know a few of the key reasons why mosquitoes in Virginia Beach are important to the ecosystems they are a part of, let's talk about some of the diseases carried by mosquitoes and the risks associated with them. 

The Dangerous Diseases Mosquito Bites Can Spread 

Mosquitoes carry a number of diseases. The wide range and potential deadliness of mosquito-borne illnesses make these insects one of the deadliest creatures in the world. Fortunately, diseases like malaria are no longer a major concern in the United States. However, there are still many diseases you can get from mosquitoes, such as dengue fever, encephalitis, West Nile virus, and tularemia. Many of these diseases are hard to treat and can be fatal in certain circumstances. Next, we'll look at what you can do to keep mosquitoes away from your yard. 

Five No-Nonsense Mosquito Prevention Tips 

Mosquitoes breed and thrive in moist, humid areas, such as swamps and wetlands. Any standing water can serve as a place for mosquitoes to lay their eggs. With this in mind, here are a few tips and tricks to keep mosquitoes away

  1. Minimize sources of standing water on your property as much as possible.

  2. Keep lawns mowed and landscaping trimmed to minimize resting areas for mosquitoes.

  3. Use small fans to keep mosquitoes away from outdoor gatherings. 

  4. Make sure windows and doors are properly screened.

  5. Wear an insect repellent that contains DEET or some other active ingredient when you go outside, and avoid wearing strong perfumes or scented products. 

These tips should help you protect yourself and your family from the risks of mosquito infestations. If you need help removing mosquitoes from your yard, you can always call our team at Hawk Mosquito & Pest. 

The Best Mosquito Control Solution For Your Yard 

Hawk Mosquito & Pest has been helping Virginia Beach homeowners with mosquito problems for years. When you need mosquito exterminators in Virginia Beach, you can always count on us. We are a family-owned pest control company that offers affordable, efficient service. We guarantee the effectiveness of our treatments, and we even offer a satisfaction guarantee, so you can be sure we'll get the job done right. Contact Hawk Mosquito & Pest today!

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