Rodent Infestation Solutions For Chesapeake Properties


Rodent control in Chesapeake may not be something you ever wanted to think about, but when rodents get into your home or business, it’s something you need to take seriously. A rodent infestation will only grow over time, so taking immediate action is the best way to get rid of the problem as quickly as possible. To learn more about rodent prevention and control for your Chesapeake property, Hawk Mosquito & Pest has the information you need.

Identifying Common Rodent Entry Points: Where Mice And Rats Sneak In

rodent infestation can start almost anywhere in your Chesapeake home or business. Rats and mice may be larger than most other pests, but they only need a small opening in order to get inside a building.

Of course, if you leave your garage doors up or your windows open without screens, rodents may choose this easy entry option to get inside. However, they can easily find other ways inside if the obvious entry points are closed. 

Many rodents gain access to your home or business on the upper levels. They can crawl up downspouts or across branches of trees that extend to your roof. Once on the roof, they may find an uncapped chimney or an open vent that they can use to gain entry. 

Rodents only need openings about the size of a dime to get inside. If they find an opening that isn’t quite large enough, their strong teeth are able to chew away at the area until it is large enough to allow them to squeeze through. This makes any crack or crevice around your structure an area that could be exploited by rodents.

Health Risks Of Rodent Invasions

Once they get into your business or house, rodents will immediately begin to cause problems. They are well-known for the destruction they cause to properties, and some of that destruction can be dangerous to the health of the people inside the home or business the rodents have infested. If they chew on wires, they could start a fire. If they damage pipes, it could lead to flooding or mold growth that is harmful to people’s respiratory health.

In addition to the safety risks they cause, rodents are also harmful to your health because of the diseases they spread. Wherever rodents go, they leave contaminated droppings behind. Rodents have been known to spread salmonellosis, tularemia, trichinosis, and a variety of other harmful diseases through their droppings and other excretions, as well as through direct contact.

How Do I Prevent Rodents Around My Property?

As bad as a rodent infestation can be around your Chesapeake property, the good news is that rodent prevention is possible. By taking preventative measures inside and outside your structure, you can avoid a rodent infestation entirely. These tips will help you keep rodents off your property:

  • Trim your grass, remove lawn debris, cut back overgrown branches and shrubs, and keep your lawn tidy.
  • Remove elements around your property that offer harborage areas for rodents, such as rock walls and wood piles.
  • Keep garbage bins stored away from your structure and with tightly closed lids.
  • Take care of any moisture issues both inside and outside your structure.
  • Seal all entry points into your structure, including small cracks.
  • Keep all food in your home or business stored in closed containers. 
  • Keep kitchen and break areas tidy by cleaning counters and tables, washing dishes, and sweeping floors.
  • Take out the trash regularly.

By making your property unappealing to rodents, you’ll help avoid an infestation. Rodents require food, water, and shelter, so making each of these hard to come by can help prevent rodents on your property.

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