How To Keep The Rodents In Chesapeake Outside Where They Belong


Where Do Rodents Enter Your Home?

No one wants to hear the telltale sounds of rodents in the walls. So how do these pests get inside? Often it's as simple as the holes or gaps in your foundation, walls, or around windows and doors. Different kinds of rodents in Chesapeake can squeeze into some pretty tiny spots. Mice only need a hole the size of a dime or a gap as wide as a pencil, while rats need just the diameter of a quarter to make their way through walls. And keep in mind that rodents are known for their strong jaws. If they find an area of weakness that is not quite large enough, they are likely to chew their way through. Some other frequent entry points for rodents are areas near utilities, chimneys, and vents.  

What To Do If You See A Rodent Entry Point?

If you have backyard rodents, you must be especially vigilant about checking for rodent entry points around your home. Any entrances you find must be blocked off with rodent-proof material. Remember that rodents can chew through most materials, so stopping them from entering your home can be difficult. Remember that when you block off these entrances, you may be trapping rodents inside rather than keeping them out. It's important to have a plan for getting rodents out of your home and preventing them from returning. Often this task is best done by a pest control professional. 

Patching A Rodent Entry Point Around Your Home

Part of any effective rodent control plan is keeping rodents from getting inside. When you find entry points around your home, they can be patched with rodent-proof material. For small holes, it's best to use steel wool. You can hold it in place with caulking or spray foam. Lath screen, metal, cement, hardware cloth, and metal sheeting are all possible materials to use on larger holes. The best time to do these repairs is before rodents find their way inside. If you suspect common rodents are inside your home, it's best to call on a professional pest control company for help with removal. 

Rodent Entry Point Elimination Service By Hawk Mosquito & Pest

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Our rodent control services include a free inspection to identify entry points, rodent trails, and nesting areas throughout your home, including the attic and crawl space. We offer exclusion services to keep mice, rats, and squirrels out of your home and can help you locate and seal any entry points rodents are using to get inside. We also provide trapping services and rodent removal services. 

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