Rat Control Can Be Tricky To Handle In Virginia Beach


Virginia Beach pest control companies know how common this pest is in our area and how challenging rat control can be. Rats try to avoid people, and you may only be aware of their presence from the evidence they leave. We’ll review what signs may point to a rat problem and show you the best way to get rid of rats for good. 

Signs There Are Rats On Your Property

Though rats may be good at hiding, here are some of the signs of rats in your house that may help you identify a problem:

  • Watch out for gnaw marks around your home.
  • Rat droppings are a sure sign of a problem. 
  • You may hear strange sounds, like scratching or squeaking, indicating rats inside your walls.
  • Rats follow runways in your house between their nest and a food source, leaving behind footprints and greasy rub marks.
  • Finding damaged food packages can indicate a rat infestation.

If you suspect a rat problem in your home, don’t hesitate to contact a company that provides rat control. These pests can cause a lot of damage and spread multiple diseases and bacteria.

Six Tips To Effectively Get Rid Of Rats In Virginia Beach

Rats are challenging to eliminate because of their creative ability to hide, detect bait, and their prolific breeding. Here are six tips to help with rat prevention and elimination:

  1. Eliminate food sources.
  2. Eliminate water sources.
  3. Get a cat.
  4. Keep your home clean and tidy.
  5. Store and dispose of trash properly.
  6. Keep branches cut back from the roof.

Dealing with a rat infestation on your own can be incredibly difficult. If the above tips aren’t helping, it is time to team up with a company that provides rat control services.

Don’t Accidentally Attract Rats To Your Property

Rats find our properties attractive for various reasons, most of which are accidental. Rat prevention efforts can save you a lot of time, money, and worry. As we mentioned, rats try to avoid being seen by people, so wood piles or debris in your yard may provide rats a place to hide. 

Cracks and crevices outside your house may create an appealing entryway for rats. An important step for rat control is sealing all gaps and holes outside your home, including around the foundation and roof area.

By far, the most effective way to stop attracting rats to your property is to enlist the help of a company with experience in rat control services. They can help point out any areas or situations that may lure rats to your yard.

The Most Effective Rat Removal Method

These terrible pests spread disease and damage your property, and rats inside walls will also chew on electrical wires and create a serious fire hazard. At the first signs of rats in your home, it is critical to contact a company experienced in rat control, like Hawk Mosquito and Pest. 

Our technicians will find the best way to get rid of rats on your property and help keep them away for good. Please contact us today to ask for a quote and keep your home and family safe from these dangerous pests.