What To Do About Spider Webs All Over Your Chesapeake Porch


Unfortunately, spider webs are common on our porches, basements, and other areas around your Chesapeake home. Luckily, there are things you can do to limit your interaction with spiders and avoid their webs. Read on to learn more about spider webs, the steps you can take to prevent them, and how professional Chesapeake pest control can help.

Why Do Spiders Make Webs On Porches?

If you are dealing with a spider infestation, you probably feel like these pests are everywhere. This includes areas where you want to spend time relaxing, like your porch. But it can be hard to sit on your porch swing and unwind when everywhere you look, you see spider webs.

Spider webs are routinely found on porches because other common Chesapeake area pests are also found around your porch. Spiders are opportunistic predators, and they will build their nests in the areas where they feel they can catch the most prey. One of these areas is your porch.

Are Spiders Attracted To Light?

It may feel like the spiders in your home are attracted to light, but this isn't exactly true. Spiders are attracted to areas where they can find prey. Flies, ants, and other common pests are attracted to light.

Because of this, spiders are likely to build their webs in areas where there is a lot of light. This is not because they are attracted to the light, but because the pests they prey on are. Most spider species would prefer to hide in the dark corners of your home but will adapt to live in the areas where they can successfully hunt, like areas near an outdoor light.

Exterior Prevention Tips For Spider Control

Having spiders and spider webs all over your porch can be disturbing. They make your house feel unclean, and the people who live there feel unsafe. While most species of spiders in Chesapeake aren't dangerous, you still don't want them hanging around cluttering your porch with disgusting webs.

Here are some spider prevention tips to keep these pests away from your porch and your home:

  • Keep your porch free of clutter where spiders can build webs. 
  • Remove any spider webs you see around your home.
  • Use natural spider repellants like peppermint oil or vinegar.
  • Turn off outdoor lights when they aren't needed.
  • Use softer yellow light that doesn't attract as many pests. 
  • Use a spider catcher or set spider traps to eliminate spiders on your porch.

Following these steps will help prevent spiders around your home and on your porch, but the best option for spider control is professional pest control.

Total Home Pest Control For Your Chesapeake Home

The best way to prevent spiders around your home is to work with a professional pest control company like Hawk Mosquito & Pest. Our trained technicians can develop a home pest control plan for your home.

These plans not only eliminate and prevent spiders but other common household pests. By eliminating other household pests, you eliminate a spider's food sources. If there is no prey for a spider around your home, they are less likely to hang around. A home pest control plan will keep your home free of spiders, and other pests, so you can get back to relaxing on your porch without worry.