How To Keep Moths Out Of The Cupboards Of Your Virginia Beach Home


Are you coping with a moth infestation? A well-trained Virginia Beach pest control professional understands the best moth treatment options and will back the quality of their work with a satisfaction guarantee.

The Larval Stage Of A Moth's Life Cycle

How long is the life of a moth? Moths may live from only a few weeks up to several months. The moth reproduction process begins when females attract a mate by emitting pheromone chemicals. Moths progress through four primary development phases: eggs, larvae, pupa, and adults. Moth larvae (caterpillars) appear worm-like and undergo a molting process where they consume their previous shell.

A Moth Problem Can Contaminate Food And Damage Property

As creatures that pose no danger to humans, moth larvae often create substantial property damage when infiltrating homes. Moth larvae might damage house plants, clothing, drapery, upholstered furniture, and other property. Moths might invade cupboards or panties and infest and contaminate items such as cereal, flour, nuts, and other dried, stored foods.

Effective Tips To Prevent Moths From Coming Inside

Homeowners throughout Virginia Beach seeking the best moth protection methods should understand that moths generally enter homes in two ways. Moths in outdoor areas near the home may invade through openings, or homeowners might inadvertently bring moths into their homes. Some of the best preventative measures include:

  • Minimize bright exterior lights after dark, as these sources of light naturally draw most moth species.
  • When in grocery stores, carefully inspect any boxes or other containers of dried foods for packaging damage or other signs of moths before purchasing them.
  • Transfer types of dried foods with weak packaging into durable sealed containers composed of hard plastic, glass, or another impenetrable material.
  • Place clothing, blankets, linens, and other types of material in sealed containers that will prevent access.
  • Inspect potted plants, firewood, or storage boxes for any moths or moth larvae before bringing them inside the home.
  • Repair or replace damaged window screens, fill gaps, and install sweeps around exterior doors.
  • Periodically check the attic for any openings that might allow entry.

The aforementioned tips for preventing moths are viable strategies; however, property owners experiencing an active, full-blown moth infestation should promptly consult with a licensed pest control professional regarding the best available treatment options.

The Trick To Getting Rid Of A Moth Problem In Your Home

The team of trained specialists with Hawk Mosquito & Pest knows how to get rid of moth flies from homes safely and quickly and the best ways to prevent moth infestations. Keep in mind that our company also offers residential and commercial solutions for those struggling with ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, and a host of other unwanted critters that will find their way indoors.

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