How To Prep Your Chesapeake Home For Termite Season


When Is Termite Season In Chesapeake?

Termite season is between spring and fall when termites leave the nest to reproduce. While termites are active throughout the year as they eat through wooden items and structures, this is the time when they are more likely to leave to look for new places to nest. This also means that termite season is when you’re most likely actually to see termites.

The termite workers and soldiers don't often leave the nest, so you rarely see them. However, there is a higher chance that you will see the termite swarmers as they will sometimes fly away to reproduce. Termite swarmers are the only members of the termite colony with wings, and they often look like flying ants.

How Do I Know If My Chesapeake Home Has Termites?

To identify termites, you also need to know other signs of their presence. However, it can be challenging to spot termite damage until the infestation has been around for a while. Even during termite season, the chances of seeing actual termites aren’t super high. This means that often the best way to identify termites is through the destruction they leave behind. However, this isn’t a great solution either, as termite damage only starts to appear after a year or so, but there is often more damage behind the scenes than you realize.

Because of this, the best way to know if your home has a termite problem is to get a termite inspection annually. 

What Does A Termite Infestation In Chesapeake Look Like?

While termite damage might not show up immediately, it’s still helpful to know what this destruction looks like. While you might not be able to control the damage, you can still identify the presence of termites before they completely destroy your home. Some of the main signs you have termites in Chesapeake include:

  • Water damage around wallpaper and drywall, but no water source 
  • Floorboards that have started to squeak and buckle 
  • Doors and windows not fitting well in their frames
  • Termite frass, which looks like small wooden pellets, around the property 
  • Discarded wings or termite swarmers around the home or yard 

How Does Hawk Mosquito & Pest Get Rid Of Termites In Chesapeake?

The best way to protect your home from termite damage is through termite inspections with Hawk Mosquito & Pest. We can assess whether or not there is a termite presence on your property and provide termite control solutions if necessary. We can eradicate termite infestations effectively. Overall, termites are tough to remove without professional help, so the easiest and most effective way is to contact us today to learn more about your termite control options.