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Ant Control In Chesapeake, VA

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Quality Ant Control In Chesapeake, VA

Keeping your household both happy and healthy is no small feat. If you’ve started to notice the signs and symptoms of encroaching ant activity, this task could be even more difficult. Ants have the potential to destroy carefully-seeded lawns, contaminate food sources, and deliver painful bites and stings. In other words, they should never be allowed near human habitation.

In order to protect your Chesapeake home from pests, look no further than the professional crew at Hawk Mosquito & Pest.

How Hawk Mosquito & Pest Treats Chesapeake Ants

At Hawk Mosquito & Pest, we believe that pest control should look different for everyone – not stuck inside siloed, cookie-cutter boxes. For this reason, our ant control programs are always customized to benefit your Chesapeake home, business, or lawn care needs.

Every ant treatment from Hawk Mosquito & Pest follows a vetted, three-step process:

  1. We always begin our ant control programs with 100% complimentary inspections. Our technicians scout around your home to find signs, symptoms, or potential entry points for ants to enter.
  2. We roll out our ant control protocols in a time frame that works best for your business. We offer quarterly, monthly, biannual, and annual treatments that cover your entire property from top to bottom.
  3. Not completely satisfied with your services? If you spot any lingering colonies within our warranty time frame, Hawk Mosquito & Pest will return to your property right away – all for free!

Ready to get started with a proven ant control plan? Call Hawk Mosquito & Pest to schedule your very first inspection in the Chesapeake area.

What To Do After An Ant Treatment

A strong believer in Integrated Pest Management programs, Hawk Mosquito & Pest recommends the implementation of actionable prevention steps once ant treatments are complete. Use these helpful steps to dissuade ant colonies from bedding back down.

  • Caulk and seal any entry points that could provide access to the home. Ants will be far less likely to settle down without consistent food and water sources.
  • Reduce the amount of moisture in the lawn; cut back grass, trim down trees, and remove tall vegetation from the sides of the building.
  • Schedule annual ant inspections from the pros at Hawk Mosquito & Pest.

Contact the team today to set up a customized ant treatment program.

Contact Hawk Mosquito & Pest For More Ant Control

An award-winning pest control provider listed on HomeAdvisor, Angie’s List, and the NPMA, Hawk Mosquito & Pest is your go-to provider for all things ant control in Chesapeake. Our BBB A+ accredited team is always available to help, answering any questions about our process with speed, skill, and pride.

Get started on an ant control plan in Chesapeake today by calling, visiting, or submitting an online contact form at your earliest convenience. Your new ant-free home is only a few clicks away! Learn more about pest control services in Virginia Beach, Portsmouth, and other surrounding areas in Virginia.